At Card Mania, we follow strict terms and conditions which are as follows:

Shipping charges (with insurance if required) will be charged at exact cost by Australia Post

Air (usually 4-15 business days worldwide shipping time) or Sea Freight (if requested / 2-3 months shipping time). If you require a shipping estimate prior to placing your order please let us know.

I would like to order or make payment for the following (for eBay payments, please include your username and a brief item description).

Contact Information


Payment Method

* Please note that for all credit card orders, delivery cannot be made to a Post Office Box and must be made to a physical residential or business address (unless agreed prior). The order must also include a landline telephone number for verification purposes. Orders failing to meet these requirements will not be processed until these conditions are adhered to. Please feel free to contact us during business hours (AEST) on (+61) 03 5229 1992 if you have any problems.

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